About Company

At Pravat Timbers we manufacture wooden gift items, wooden furniture, wooden utility items, wooden musical accessories, wooden gift boxes, wooden accessory boxes, cardboard boxes, paper board boxes, fancy paper boxes, food safe boxes, card board paper stationery items and new additions are flat bed UV digital printing machine, laser cutting & engraving machines, CNC router cutting & carving machine with rotary attachment.

Pravat Timbers was established in 1965 onwards with having wood ‘Sawmilling’ & ‘Veneer Manufacturing Unit’, Our ‘Mentor’ after his practical adding himself with the unit as apprentice made many developments later on by continuous in depth practical learning. He first learn operating all the existing machine’s working techniques then upon being conversant with skill over all existing facilities and added some more precision wood processing machines like wood surface thickness planners, moulding machines, router etc. Upon being success in developing lot of new products and precision wood products like various types of wooden gift articles he then successfully made many ‘Percussion Musical Instruments’ like “Bongo” ‘Guitar Bridges’ etc. By making viable & feasible project technology he was able in acquiring collaborations from ‘German’ as well from ‘U.S. Firm’ for making those versatile products in bulk for his Client. 

With our new state of the art ‘large format’ ‘flatbed UV digital printer’ we ‘print literally on any hard surface’. ‘Print on Canvas’, ‘Print on Wood’, ‘Print on MDF Sheets’, ‘Print on Glass Sheets’, ‘Print on Acrylic Sheets’, ‘Print on Mirror’, ‘Print on Leather’, ‘Print on any sort of Fabrics’, ‘Print on Fibre’, and ‘Print on Ceramics’ etc. etc. are some of our expertise. We have advanced printing technology with ‘Most Advanced & latest ‘Gen5’ Print Heads’ which are capable of printing various depth and features of printing including special effects like raised printing, extensive light or dark printing etc.

With our new state of the art cardboard box manufacturing unit we can produce several type of raw or plain or fancy paper masked/pasted with or without lamination cardboard boxes. Literally any shape and any size in boxes are manufactured here to cater to diverse need of gifting as well as branding. The covering or the masking material can be a paper or can be speciality paper with rexine, fabric, leatherette, or can be of various types or of various styles and various thicknesses, digitally or offset printed. The inner board varies from ‘Kappa Board’, ‘Duplex Board’, ‘Craft Board’, ‘V’ Grooved MDF Sheet Board’ depending upon the customer’s need.etc.

With our new state of the art ‘Four Axis CNC Router Cutting & Carving Machine’ we can literally cut or carve any 2d or 3d design in designing software and the same is send to machine by the computer to directly execute the work on machine. ‘CNC Controller system’ is quite advanced to accept computer software generated command to work on machine by producing highly finished output with given design on any wooden surface or wooden block with absolute ease. The advantage of Four Axis CNC Router is immense, it allows to rotate any block freely and implement any design in the wooden clock when working 3d and when working on Rotary Axis it can create legs of Console table with carving.

With our new state of the art laser cutting and engraving machine we can cut any hard surface like wood, MDF, Acrylic, Leather, fibre sheets to shape them into innovative design of your dream. You imagine the design, do the same design on the console computer and the same will be cut from the surface. Similarly any design done in the console can be engraved on any surface like Wood, MDF, Acrylic, Leather, or Fibre etc.