CEO Consultancy Profile


WOOD LOG INSPECTION – He can accurately predict the invisible defects of a log ( 97% accurates ) eye scanning .

SAWING OF LOGS – He knows how to saw wood log to achieve maximum yield of required stock sizes in both the sawing methods: quarter-cut sawing & flat sawing methods by keeping in mind the selection & segregation of wood as per required size & quality for diff. Use.

PROFILE CUTTING – He has in-depth knowledge of profile and tamplete cutting of single or multiple pcs even by copying them in same format with zero error on band saw and jig saw machine or on other machines.

SEASONING – He knows how to stack & season the stocks of different sizes for different use in the same or different chambers and diff.seasonong methods.

MACHINING – He has in-depth practical and physical knowledge of all basic & advanced wood working machines, like auto feeding machines, semi automatic machines, numerically controlled machines, and even the cnc machines, hence he can operate & train unskilled people to operate these machines as skilled one, within a very short span of time..

COPYING COMPONENTS ON MANUAL MACHINES – Since undersigned has vast knowledge for versatile use of different versions of different machines, he can copy components in manually operated machines like band-saw, spindle moulder, h.s. overarm router, turning m/c etc., not ordinarily but by maintaining precision accuracy, as such he is able to eliminate high project cost in crores of rupee.

MACHINE MAKING – Even he knows many things about machine making, in-fact, he has made many machines like photo sensor operated vertical / side sanding machine, high speed moulder, high & dual speed over-arm router etc. & is using them trouble freely in his factory set-up at calcutta. He also has ability of making single or multi-station 3d copy carver; auto feed wide belt sander and many more machines.

MAKING PORTABLE DUST COLLECTORS – Undersigned have successfully made portable dust collectors of capacity- 1hp to 10 hp cost of which stands to rs. 15,000 onwards ( ready made costing to rs 30000 to 1.5 lacs.) Depending upon it’s size, ducting pockets, & loading capacity. Last year he arranged to make 7 nos. Of dust collectors for m/s, decorea photoframes ltd, (which are running successfully since made) and this year for m/s, afro asian wood products & m/s, khemka woodcrafts pvt ltd, both here in calcutta. At present the portable dust collectors are been fabricated for m\s, a.b. furnishings (p) ltd, of kolkata .

USE OF COST SAVING JIGS & FIXT./DEVICES – He is well experienced about selection & use of cost effective jig-fixtures, attachments and devices to be used with small machines or even with portable ‘machine-tools’ for doing the jobs precisely without investing in giant / costly machines like tenoning m/c, dovtailing m/c, angle cutting m/c, etc.etc.. Hence the versatile knowledge of machines, jigs, fixtures, attachments, devices, tool-cutters,clamps etc., enables the undersigned to setup a cost effective project for mass scale production, but the production with precision accuracy.

SELECTION OF MACHINES – Since undersigned has a vast & versatile knowledge of diff. Versions of a machine, he can select the proper / perfect model / version required for a particular process for making woden components of different use..

SELECTION OF ECONOMICAL & PERFECT TOOL CUTTERS – His knowledge of selecting cost effective machineries or tools, or cutters, or devices etc. Basicaly starts from sawing of wood , fine, accurate and precision processing of wooden components on diff. Machines, then raw & lacquer sanding of these components & finally ends at complete paint finishing of the product with different types of lacquers and stain colors available.

JIG FIXTURES FOR COPYING – He can teach making of different types of jig fixtures for different machines for copying wooden
Components even on manual operating machines.

DRILLING JIG FIXTURES – Undersigned also knows well about making & use of drilling jigs required for manufacturing knock down furnitures or other engineering items like rifle butt & fore-ends.

KNOCK-DOWN HARDWARES – He is well conservant about knockdown hardwares and can arrange to make rigid hardwares.

TOOLS AND CUTTERS – He knows making of tools and cutters, it’s hardening, profile or plain sharpening etc., he also knows the use of different sharpening devices & grinding or honning methods. He also has in-depth knowledge of precision and accurate sharpening of cutters to achieve tolerance and vibration free cutting surfaces for a zero error cutting output.

DETERMINING WORK PROCESS – Has a lot of practical experience in wood working, which helps him in determining the work process of any wooden in a very short-cut, but in an accurate way.

MAKING OF ASSEMBLING & CLAMPING DEVICES & USE OF ADHESIVES – Different types of assembling & clamping devices and methods / systems to be used for various and diff. Products are well known to the undersigned and he is well conversant about different type of adhesives with their technical details which helps him in selecting perfect glue for different application / use. He has already made adjustable pneumatic clamping device for door & kitchen shutters here in calcutta for m/s afro asian wood products pvt ltd., very recently, at costof rs 1.50 lacs, import cost of which is not less than 3.00 lacs.

SANDING – He has an unique short cut method of sanding which also prevents waste of sanding material and labour both. He knows about diff. Sanding abrasive materials available locally or at abroad, hence can select the proper abrasive for diff. Application to be used in machine sanding, device sanding, or for hand sanding etc. For both raw or lacquer sanding purpose.

LACQUER SANDING – He knows well about cost effective abrasive sanding and paint saving techniques which helps in making the product most competitive and viable due to less materials cost and less labour costs but without compromising with the ultimate quality.

COST CUTTING & COMPETITIVENESS – Undersigned has his ‘unique’ but ‘scientific’ production and finishing methods, which helps in cutting costs not only in the field of installation of a project but also in the field of use of raw materials, tools-cutters, appratus , labour, paint and abrasive costs but without compromising with the quality of the end products in thefollowing manners:-

WOOD WASTAGE CONTROL – He is skilled to save extra 5% to 25% in wood being waste during sawing and other mechanised process.

TOOL CUTTER COST CONTROL – Due to his dynamic knowledge in the field of making diff. Alloy tools, cutters etc. He has further skill of cutting tool & cutter’s costs upto 30% and more.

PAINT COST CONTROL – He has his unique method of spray painting technology in which paint cost can be saved upto 30% or more depending upon the diff. Finishes obtained by same or diff. Spray painting material. He has his unique formulas of most cost effective lacquer paintings, which do not eliminate only the huge paint costs but also the huge labour costs. He further can make stainers in-house in a very much cost effective manner which further can cut more then 50% in color-stain making cost.

OVERALL COST CONTROL – As such over all cutting of aforesaid costs will instantly boost profit margines in a realistic manner this means that a fine quality product can be offered cheaper upto 20% or more to it’s buyers without cutting your margines but is done infact not only by cutting costs but by boosting your margine.

UNIQUE & ALMOST COSTLESS PAINT BOOTH – Undersigned has his own self invented techenique of making spray paint-booth which can give output quality checked passing results upto 95% ”dustfree-passing” in small items and 90%+ passing results in big items, and 100% passing results in high gloss big items.

VERY NOMINAL INVESTMENT IN MAKING ‘PAINT BOOTH’ – The huge appratus costs are eliminated by not using costly ready-made “water booths” or “filtered air suction units”, infact these not only have huge installation costs but has monthly power consumption of more then rs. 20000/- in a medium sized & more then rs. 50000/- in a big industry, all these costs are fully eliminated but without compromising with the quality..

DIFF. METHODS OF ‘PAINTING AND FINISHING’ – As undersigned has diff. Cost cutting methods, he is well aware of different methods of painting and finishing products by hand, by spray, by dipping etc. Depending upon the need of the product & it’s quality by using different coating materials ranging from n.c., malamine, p.u.,ecrylic, epoxy or u.v. lacquers and coloring stains. He knows about the finishes with the bare minimum coats of hand or spray lacquer paintings with diff. Methods.

DIFF. CURING / DRYING METHODS – He is also aware of different curing methods including u.v.curing systems.

PROCUREMENT OF QUALITY & COST EFFECTIVE RAW MATERIALS – Having a good knowledge of raw materials like wood,ply, mdf, polishing materials, adhesives, machines, jig-fixtures, devices, tool-cutters, abrasives, hardwares, furnishing materials, fittings, &even packing material, the undersigned can procure good quality cost effective materials from diff. Local sources or from abroad to make the product of best quality but infact in the “most cost effective” manner.

INSTANT PROBLEM SHOOTING – Even though the enterprenuer puts well to do user-friendly projects for manufacturing wooden products and since the raw material like wood is case sesnitive and also the method of processing are confusing, sometimes the enterprenuer / supervisor chooses the lengthy & confusing process which makes the product not only ‘ un-viable’, but most of the times every day the machine output is found un-satisfactory due to arise of un-forseen problems infact arising due to many reasons, and in lieu of instant shooting of these problems the on-going production gets disturbed and scheduled delivery dates are effected. Hence all these problem needs to be solved instantly solved. The undersigned makes his clients fully equipped with instant finger-tip solution for all possible problems in machining and polishing as afore said.

All above mentioned problem though in “cnc machines” also needs close monitering, quick assessment & an instant & firm decision in problem-shooting, which is possible by human intelligence only.

TRANSFERING 29 YEAR’S EXPERIENCE IN 2-4 MONTHS – Since the undersigned is having versatile knowledge in wood working & he is well awre of most available machines, tool- cutters, devices etc. & since he is a practical to work-shop & has lot of unique tested methods & systems, he can sort out any problem instantly by sure, and can make you equipped with this skill in a short span of time . The experience of 20 years will be transfered within 3 to 4 months.

The Undersigned feel himself very much competent in thewood working field but sorry to mention that he is ONLY a qualified technologist but not a degree holder ‘engineer’ exactly, may be more practical then an engineer, but by qualification, he is a graduate B.Com. from Calcutta university. if at any point of time if any one calls him as an ‘engineer’ then it is by god grace- the degree provided by the ‘Almighty’.

From the below mentioned assigned job details, I think, ANY ONE can Ascertain my capablity \ ability to handle successfully the pre-installation to post production job in any ultra modern wood processing unit.

Since I do not hold any degree in engineering, but I will be glad to put myself for theoretical & practical tests to prove my technological abilities, which I feel shall surely prove better than an degree holder engineer.

Please have a look on below mentioned assigned dynamic jobs been successfully handled by the undersigned.

1) M/s, Hitachi KK Manufacturing company, Kolkata –
Here I did developing, manufacturing and polishing of items like – various type of gift items, percussion musical instruments, components of traditional musical instruments, guitar components like guitar bridges, jewellery boxes & displays, wine accessories, smoking accessories, bathroom accessories, kitchen accessories, stationary accessories, globe bases, measuring tapes, diff. type of inlay and pill boxes, and various other items.

Here I worked as a senior product developing cum production manager from 1993 to 1996 and have played a key role in the remarkable development & up liftment of this company for achieving and executing two Big collaborations for them, One from M/s, ‘L.P. Music’s, of USA, for percussion musical instrument & another from ‘M/s, Shellex’, of Germany, for Guitar bridges & Guitar components, He also helped this company dynamically in boosting their export of wooden items to many developed countries. During this period their export turn over was shooted up to Rs 8.00 Crores from Rs 0.80 crore per annum. This was a golden period for this company because the items whichever I developed for their export purpose had instantly attracted, not only an unexpected huge export order from all over the world, but two major collaborations in their life history got materialized in this time.
During this period most of the products were produced on self invented, self made machines, jig fixtures, devices etc. & were duly approved by the visiting foreign buyers. Infact after setting-up of the bongo & Percussion musical instrument collaboration project as per my idea & design it was then approved and declared that the manufacturing process developed by me was an ‘unique’, cost effective and most viable.

Actually this collaboration was shifted from ‘Thailand’ to india, where there most of the manufacturing process of percussion items including ‘Bongo’ etc. was being done at CNC copy turning lathe with a 25% of material wastage for chuck holding etc. Whereas in my system the same quantity of turning bongo was being done at 4 number of self invented very low cost machines in 4 numbers, As such the total cost involvement for machine plant was merely 10% of CNC machine. There was further saving of 25% in each bongo’s production cost because in my system with the help of jig fixtures the material wastage for chuck holding was nil. In fact by then all the products were new to me and I was not having any idea of manufacturing these items in bulk, In-fact all the success was only due to concentrated thinking for inventing perfect process, machine, jig-fixture device etc., and in fact I did it in a single shot by pre-assuming and visualizing the entire end product in step by step during concentrated thinking.

2) M/s, Chisel Arts, Kolkata –
I worked here as a consultant technologist during the year 1998-99. It was my first consultancy in the field of mechanized furniture manufacturing out of exotic wood like Mahogany etc. Here I suggested import of some principal basic machines like surface plainer, thickness planner, spindle molder, panel saw, 24” band saw for profile cutting upto 6” thickness of wood, portable router operated linear slide droved tenoning & mortising machine device of very low cost but with efficient mechanism, 3d carving machine with 2 cutting head, clamping device, jigs for tenoning in spindle molder and circular saw machine.
Here the profile curved chair back rests, arms and legs etc were taught copying manually on spindle molder and over arm router machine with using profile cutter by self making of multi-teeth profile cutters for a smoother cutting and self made jig fixtures. Further more band saw blade brazing, sharpening, and fine tuning to cut precisely were also taught.

The ultimate outcome was errorless 1 container production of precious furniture in merely 15 to 20 days instead of faulty manual 1 container production of furniture in 120 days. Though further up gradation to NC or CNC process was also suggested in due course, but party’s needs were been satisfied with the aforesaid manual but precision plant.

3) M/s, Gorsia architectural and furniture works, Kolkata-
I worked here as a consultant technologist to fine tune and upgrade existing mechanized manufacturing. Here I taught them about copying on a router or on a spindle molder, precision and fine turning of turned components, painting and polishing furniture & upholstery items. Profile manual sanding of a curved component on a vertical sander was also shown. Here I found tremendous wastage of wood, say about 6-8mm in thickness during sawing & thickness planning, which later on was managed to merely 2-2.5mm by perfect cutting in band saw and planner both. It was all during the year 2000-01

4)M/s, Bharat sangeet,Barista,24pgs,W.B,.(developing, manufacturing and polishing of percussion musical instruments same as i did for Hitachi K K mfg. co., this was done in the year 2001-02.

5) M/s,Ghosh industries, kolkata (developing ‘fiber-glass’ moldings, sections & sheet’s perforation drilling, precision cutting and processing on diff. custom build machines, die molding etc.) in the year 2002-03.

6) M/s,Decorea photoframes ltd., falta, EPZ, 24 pgs, W.B.
I worked here as a part time problem shooter, work-process determiner, technical and paint consultant for their day to day mfg. & painting problems. During this time I re layed-out the entire factory set-up, introduced my unique, self invented paint techniques by eliminating forced filtered air suction unit which by then was being driven by a 30hp motor running 3 shifts a day and the then existing water-booth.

I showed them the proved track record of 8-10% less rejections due to dust, actually less then their old system which infect I discarded by then, as such the electricity cost for running a 30 hp motor was purely saved.

Hence after aforesaid proving of cost effectiveness and quality approval tests being passed I changed the whole lay-out of the paint-shop as per my design & systems. On the machine front I have to make precision and fine tunings on giant “Gang-rip saw’ & five spindle molders (both Korean make), to achieve plainer type smooth cutting finishes, because the end products were mostly ‘photoframes’ which were supposed to be produced on mass scale. I further made many necessary changes in 4ft wide belt sanding m/c for achieving precision and waves less sanding finishes, hence many mfg. defect of the machine were eliminated and some systems were modified.
There I also made new vertical side sanding machine and made necessary changes in both end angle cutting machine, repaired the miter saw machine and also repaired the then idle lying two out of four high speed over arm routers and a TCT blade grinding machine.
In these years i.e. 2003 full & upto may2004 I have tried & succeeded reduce lot of running maint. Costs & exps of their factory and as such have undertaken to run the unit trouble-freely, which in fact I did smoothly.
The company again wanted my services in Jan’05 for shifting of entire factory set-up to Jalan industrial park at Dhulagarh, Bombay road, W.B.. This time I made a systematic lay-out of the entire factory set-up as per the Export auditing firm M/s, COLBY-OD’s requisites, which were also done successfully in minimum cost and we passed audit norms in a single shot in merely 2 months. During this entire job was entrusted to me as an “Above all incharge”. It was an full time and time bound assignment. I often have to return late night from work, in-general not before 10pm but latest upto3am. Also. since the car was provided to me the conveyance was not a problem even in such late night. As such I was able to complete the entrusted shifting cum audit parameters applying schedule in time. This time I rendered my services till May’05.

7) M/s, Riyash exports, boranada, Jodhpur, Rajasthan.
From june2004 to dec2004, I prepared the entire lay-out of the furniture cum gift items mfg. cum finishing project consisting 85000 sq. ft. constructed area at above address, the work of constructing building , factory sheds, laying plant machinery, underground giant show room (hall), labour training for mfg. and painting, assembling, sourcing inventories incl. knock-down hardware’s, making of jig fixtures, apparatus, dowel making and tct cutter grinding machine making, all these were done single handedly & solely by me with a target to launch our high finished & spray & glaze polished high end furniture’s and gift items in October “Spring” fare at Delhi, all these within 4 months. It was again a grand success and in the ‘SPRING” Delhi fare surprisingly the products were highly appreciated by the representatives of “Hiland-House” of Mandawa, Rajasthan. For the manufacturing and hi-end polish finishings.

8) M/s, Khemka wood crafts pvt. ltd., kolkata , started from march’2006. Here i have installed indian as well as imported machines and trained manual carpenters/ workers for mechanized manufacturing & polishing of solid wood panel doors, frames, wooden flooring etc. on Indian as well as imported machines like thickness- surface plainer, band-saw & jig saws, up/down tilting circular saws, ‘morsa’ angle cutting m/cs, pneumatic under pinner for v-nailing & pneumatic nailer, disc & belt sanders, high speed spindle molders & over arm routers, portable tools like belt sanders,plainer, jig saws, disc and orbital sanders, mop sanders, palm sanders, pneumatic nailers etc., and have procured imported machines like tenoning, mortising from ‘YOW CHERNG’, dovetailing, wide belt sander, pneumatic clamping devices, panel saw with linear sliding table, ‘Big Boy’ made vertical & horizental sanding machine.etc. Here the cost effective Dust free Paintshop is almost ready. However the products without painting have started full-fledgedly and samples with spray painting have been made and have been highly appreciated in comparison to “RUBCO” & “INDIA WOOD”doors.The paint booth which is most cost effective and ‘UNIQUE’ is really functioning very well.

9) M/s,S.V.Enterprise,palta,barrackpore,W.B. (may’2006.)
Have completed this assigned job of consultancy for mechanised manufacturing of Rifle butts & fore-ends of ‘RIFLE’ and many other ‘Ordinance factory’ reqd. critical & precision mechanical wooden items by training unskilled workers in july’06..

10) M/s. Afro Asian Wood Products Pvt Ltd., kolkata – ( July-2006)
have assigned this job for fine tuning the Indian machines, to give basic wood-working knowledge, to train workers to the tune to be capable of skillfully handling & maintaining the imported machines like – ‘6 spindle molding mach.’, ‘dovetailing-‘mortising’-‘tenoning’ & panel saw machine as well as the Indian machines like surface jointer, thickness plainer, band saw, circular saw, jig saw and vertical & horizontal sanding m/c,and an overarm router. However a spindle moulder was procured second hand and Is ready to work smoothly. I have also made portable dust-collectors & ‘Pneumatic clamping devices’ for solid-wood doors and door-frame assembling of diff.sizes ranging from 2ft x 1.5 ft to 8ft x 4ft. at a very low cost, almost half at it’s selling price. This unit mainly is targeted to manufacture doors, door-frames, wooden flooring for mass scale production at ‘high-end’ all machine made exclusive furniture’s for exclusive customers, hence further plans to procure wide-belt sanders and copy carvers. I also had made samples of diff. door sizes successfully on the plant already started, however the running orders are also executed simultaneously. The paint shop is to be made, but the dust collectors and the pneumatic clamping table for door assembling is ready to operate, a cost effective but efficient compressor is also made ready for use.
This assigned job have completed, by the end of Jan’07.

11) M/s, LASOROGEEKA CONCEPTS, Okhla & noida, New Delhi – Here I had completed making of Paint booth & painting oprations which are smoothly running, and also provided mechanical training in three phase, basically this was an existing furniture work shop with latest machineries but without perfect know-how resulting an after sale’s complain of painting output,

Actually previously the painting was done by shellac -spirit by manual process, a final coat of lacquer was being done with spray only, which was a complete malpractice, lack of know-how therefore I installed here a self developed & unique spray polishing dust free booth which was my own creation,

Now they are fully acquitted complete know -how of wood working and polishing finishes…..completed this assigned job onJuly’2007.

12) M/s, A.B.FURNISHINGS (P) LTD, kolkata ( This was a manufacturing unit for solid wood doors and plywood including Block-boards.
Here there were machines but not up to the mark. The required machines were then procured on my suggestions. From machine operation to its maintainance was been demonstrated and the technicians were then trained. Tools and cutters were been suggested. Here an in-house tool sharpening machines and devices were also acquired on my suggestions, trained workers to sharpen their machine tools perfectly and precisely.
Since they were making doors a Pneumatic door assembly table was been fabricated under my guidance. And the pneumatic tools were procured from the world renowned company “Presto”.
Thus arrived fabrication cost of this table was Rs.1.2 Lacs where as a very inferior and light duty table with cheap pneumatic devices was quoted online at Rs. 4.5 Lacs(FOB).
Here I also developed and made portable dust collectors to collect the floating dust from its machine sources.
This job was completed by November, 2007.

13) M/s, CHISEL ARTS has assigned me again to set-up their new factory set-up with optimised CNC machines at Bombay road, Kolkata, where the entire production will be done on automized machines.